Engineering Services

Running into problems in your business? Think engineering could help? Get in touch.

My consulting philosophy

I want to work with you if the work we do makes you money.

Many consultants offer engineering, design, writing, or other services but they don’t know how to make their work deliver value for you.

This is not how I work.

My experience spans startups, engineering, data analysis and business.

I will work with you to make sure that our project grows your business. If the project doesn’t pay for itself we shouldn’t do it.

I think this is the most fair way to work.

If you’d like to explore working together send me a message. Instructions below.

A bit about me

I have over 10 years of experience working in startups. I have personally founded two and have worked with many others.

Most recently I was the 3rd engineer at where I helped grow the business from 7 people to over 200.

My skills include engineering, data and business experience.

If you are just starting to build your business I can help you get something out into the market.

If you already have a business I can help you solve your scaling problems.

Let me help you build your MVP

Have a business idea and just getting started?

Maybe you want to build a SaaS or just want to advertise your business online.

You’re probably going to want tools that help you quickly connect with your customers without a lot of heavy custom code or costly development.

I can help you:

  • Put together landing pages and landing page tests.
  • Build value propositions and customer waiting lists.
  • Set up analytics so that you can track what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Build quick web app and mobile prototypes – real mini versions of your product that you can use to get going quickly.
  • Work on your business strategy.
  • Something else? Feel free to get in touch.

The key is to move quickly and learn.

If you’re at this stage in your business consider these light-weight approaches.

There is plenty of time to scale up an engineering team and “do engineering right” once you get a bit of revenue.

Let me help you scale your business

Have an existing business that’s facing problems?

Maybe your growth has stalled out and you don’t know where you should focus your efforts to get growth going again…

Maybe your engineering team moves too slowly and your QA team is overwhelmed dealing with bugs and customer complaints.

Maybe you’re starting to grow really really fast and you’re not sure how to engineer for scale.

Maybe you have a problem but you’re not even really sure how to describe it.

I can help you:

  • Collect and analyze the data you need to understand your business and make decisions about where to focus your resources.
  • Improve your engineering practices. Testing, leveraging the cloud and good systems architecture can speed up your product development and reduce bugs.
  • Scale. I have experience operating large websites. I can help un-tangle bottlenecks.
  • Apply programming to solve certain kinds of problems.
  • Apply machine learning approaches to automate certain types of problems.
  • Figure out if you even have an engineering problem. Sometimes engineering isn’t the right solution. I can help you figure out if the problem could be solved better some other way.

When you have an existing business the key is to make that business work better.

Heavy-weight approaches can be good when they’re strengthening the core of the business.

It’s always a good idea to get very clear about what problem your business is facing and how the work will fix that problem.

Want to work with me?

Please send an email to

Tell me who you are and how I can help you. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.